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The Southern California Alliance
of Law-Enforcement represents more
than 50 law enforcement associations throughout the State of California. 
SCALE is an umbrella organization for
peace officer associations through California.

The Association was formed for the following specific purpose:

  • To contribute and aid in the development of the high professional standards of law enforcement to which peace officers of the State of California are dedicated.

  • To promote and maintain an organization for the mutual advancement and welfare of its members by all proper, suitable and lawful means.

  • To exchange and disseminate information among its members as to improvements in law enforcement techniques.

  • To foster a spirit of goodwill among its members and to promulgate ethical practices in their relationship with each other, the State of California, and the public, to the end that all interests may be served fairly.

  • To aid and assist the members in all proper ways relative to matters affecting their welfare.


SCALE was formed with the intent that it would be of benefit for associations to collectively, as well as individually, express majority views on issues, legislation and political candidates that affect law enforcement.  We also use the meetings to discuss current trends in police labor relations, exchange information regarding negotiations and to both renew old friendships as well as gain new acquaintances.

Current dues are $300.00 per year.  In addition, each association member pays $300.00 a year towards the Legislative Reception held at the State Capitol in January.

The Association meets four times a year at various locations throughout the State.

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